Coaching into employment….

I have been working for the same organisation for over 12 years – I am now in the position of having to re-apply for my job – It’s not like I am choosing to leave or anything – I have not had an interview since I got this job – I’ll be interviewed by people […]

Overcoming Shyness

I now realise that when I was young, shy and busy worrying about everything – especially what other people thought about me – other people (some of them friends and some family) didn’t really ‘give a monkey’ and were too busy enjoying themselves to consider how I might be feeling.

Self esteem issues

  I’m sometimes asked by clients contemplating coaching if I am able help with generalised feelings of low self esteem and the answer is a definate YES.   A specific issue or problem is not necessary. Coaching is about  personal development   and it’s equally important and beneficial to tackle feelings of low self worth […]