Moving on

On a personal level life has been tough since the start of 2011 and my close friends have advised me to take time out from supporting others to tackle their problems. In fact they need not have worried.

Mid-Life Crisis?

My own mid-life crisis came at the point at which I realised I was ‘barking up totally the wrong tree’, changed direction and got myself a more fulfilling and happy place in the world of work. A surprising number of my clients (male and female) come to see me with going through a similar crisis […]

Reflect & Redirect

 Here’s wishing all my blog readers a happy and healthy New Year! And now for a few words about resolutions – don’t make them if you know you can’t or won’t keep them! Reflecting on 2009, I realise it has been an intensely hard working year for me, both professionally and personally, with very limited […]