I have arranged to attend a three-day Transactional Analysis training event in November offered my Mountain Associates, based in Desford Leicester. Basically, Transactional Analysis (TA) is theory of personality and human interaction. Fundamental to TA is the concept that a person’s mind can occupy different Ego States and that people’s interactions (“transactions”) can be […]

Eyes left. Eyes right.

To a lesser or greater extent we all ‘read’ people’s eyes without knowing how or why –I know I do this a lot and am deeply frustrated by people who talk to me whilst wearing sunglasses! What I didn’t know about eyes until recently is that their movements to the left and right signal meanings.

Shift in government policy re mental health

Paul Farmer, head of Mind, the mental health charity: “Good mental well-being isn’t just about treatment, it’s also about prevention. By focusing on the factors that take their toll on our well-being in the first place, we have a chance at achieving better mental health for everyone.”