I have arranged to attend a three-day Transactional Analysis training event in November offered my Mountain Associates, based in Desford Leicester.

Basically, Transactional Analysis (TA) is theory of personality and human interaction. Fundamental to TA is the concept that a person’s mind can occupy different Ego States and that people’s interactions (“transactions”) can be better understood as transactions between different ego states.

There are four fields of TA – organizational, educational, counselling and psychotherapy. 

I first became interested in TA when I happened to meet the trainer, Anita Mountain, (a highly qualified and experienced TA – both organizational and psychotherapy) at a business-networking event some time ago. At the time I was reading up on the subject of Human Givens and having spoken to Anita about this subject and the TA approach, I felt that TA training would definitely be worth pursuing in the future.

Gearing up mentally for the course, I located a simplistic questionnaire on the Internet and spent 10 minutes completing the required 61 questions.

My adult ego state came out with the highest score (phew!), followed relatively closely by the parent ego state, suggesting I switch between the two and this does seem to make sense of my strongly maternal instincts. My child ego state came out with a significantly lower score (phew again!).

Although the profile from the questionnaire was entirely superficial, I felt surprisingly reassured having completed it!

I will report back in due course…


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