How we do it

What to expect from Spiral Life Coaching

Visiting a Life Coach is not a decision most people take easily. Often it follows a period of feeling that ‘life could be better and something needs to change’. Making an appointment to see a Life Coach is the first and sometimes the hardest step!

Amanda works to a schedule of sessions lasting 60 minutes and all sessions are face-to-face.

Getting a clear picture of a client is the starting point to working with Amanda. This involves not only getting a sense of current circumstances, but also picking up on a client’s approach to life and what kind of impact this may be having.

Moving on from this point is a learning experience for both the Client and the Coach. Essentially, it will fit with your individual needs; help to highlight your strengths; play down your weaknesses and discover your untapped personal resources and potential.

Practical life managing techniques will be offered with particular emphasis on goal setting and achievement.

Spiral Life Coaching
- the approach that could help turn your life around!