Reflect & Redirect

 Here’s wishing all my blog readers a happy and healthy New Year!

And now for a few words about resolutions – don’t make them if you know you can’t or won’t keep them!

Reflecting on 2009, I realise it has been an intensely hard working year for me, both professionally and personally, with very limited time for relaxation and fun.

Naturally I am resolved to address this.

Here’s how I’m thinking:

My work commitments will be heavy as of Jan 5th when I will move from Leicestershire Adult Learning Service, where I have been teaching for the past two years, to take up a new part time post with Rutland Adult Learning service.

I will combine this managerial and teaching position with my individual coaching sessions and also the staff coaching courses I now deliver on behalf of the University Hospitals Trust in Leicester.

Balance is obviously the key to success here, as I often explain to my clients. Just like them I will need to balance a busy work schedule with time for myself and for my family.

So what’s my top tip to myself?

To Imagine I have an energy cheque book.


Because if I only spend energy and never make any deposits I’ll naturally wind up overdrawn.

How can I avoid going into the red?

If I listen, my body will tell me which of my activities are ‘deposits’ and which are like writing a big fat cheque.

The outcome? No more cooking, ironing or supermarket shopping. Seemples!

If only maintaining a balance lifestyle was really that simple.

I wish you success in all your endeavours and a prosperous and well balanced 2010, and I wish myself the same!


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