Self esteem issues


I’m sometimes asked by clients contemplating coaching if I am able help with generalised feelings of low self esteem and the answer is a definate YES.


A specific issue or problem is not necessary. Coaching is about  personal development


and it’s equally important and beneficial to tackle feelings of low self worth as it is to


confront more specific problems linked to say a relationship or work issue for example.


High self-esteem means that we appreciate ourselves and our personal worth.


Clients who present with self esteem issues tend not to have a positive attitude; not to value themselves very highly; are not convinced of their ability and do not see themselves as confident and in control individuals. This view of is very limiting.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need depicts esteem as a ‘higher level need’. The higher needs in his hierarchy only come into focus when the lower needs in the pyramid are met. 

This is important.

If we get stuck at the ‘esteem’ level we will find it difficult to progress to the next  level of ‘self actualisation’.

If we get ‘stuck’ on the ‘ esteem level’ we will limit our effectiveness and ability to achieve the ‘highest level’ of success :


Low self esteem = inability to progress = inability to achieve = unfulfilled potential = ?


Many of the clients I see with self eteem issues feel frustrated by their inability to ‘move on’ in life and to feel happy with themselves.  Their issues are often deep seated and it’s only

when ‘picked apart’ that some of  the root causes become visible.


Unlike counselling where the aim may be to resolve issues from the past,  coaching seeks to  acknowledge the reasons for lack of confidence and esteem, but then to support clients

to overcome their personal barriers; build on their strengths and make practical and positive changes.


Does this blog help anyone thinking of opting for a coaching approach to tackle self esteem issues?



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