Coaching into employment….

I have been working for the same organisation for over 12 years – I am now in the position of having to re-apply for my job – It’s not like I am choosing to leave or anything – I have not had an interview since I got this job – I’ll be interviewed by people I already know, which I’m not comfortable about – I don’t know what the new management are looking for… but I need to keep this job.

The above scenario is only too real in the current climate and an undoubtedly frightening prospect for many.

The following 10, rapidily digestible tips, may be of help (although of  course I would recommend individual support if possible) : –

  1. First impressions – DO count – shake hands firmly – make eye contact and smile.
  2. Push your bottom and back into the interview chair and rest your hands on your lap, ready to begin
  3. Look  at the person asking the questions, but glance at other members of the panel as you respond.
  4. Use the first person tense to ‘own’ your achievements: I implemented / I co-ordinated etc.
  5. Ask for clarification if you do not fully comprehend any particular question.
  6. Create a pause to give you time to think – take a sip of water or ask for a minute to respond.
  7. Try to make two or three key points in response to a single question. ‘Chunk’ your answer so it’s easier for the panel to digest e.g. there are two key points I would like to make – firstly and secondly.
  8. Try not to get ‘tied up in knots’ with jargon and long phrases – make yourself CLEAR

If unsuccessful:

  1. Take the feedback you are offered and attempt to address the pointers you are given
  2. 10. Work to improve your interview techniques so that you are able to come out of any interview feeling that you did your best – win or lose – personal pride is important.

Good luck.


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