Have you reached your true potential?

Have you reached your true potential? How would you know if you had? Hard to say isn’t it?

To my mind potential describes the possibilities of average people, to accomplish extraordinary results, in whatever they choose to pursue…

So why is it some people reach their potential, whilst others do not? Read more…

Moving on

On a personal level life has been tough since the start of 2011 and my close friends have advised me to take time out from supporting others to tackle their problems. In fact they need not have worried. Read more…


I’m not overly keen on the use of mnemonics, although I can see that they do have a place. They catch me out more than I’d like to admit……

I was talking to a Head Teacher the other day, who mentioned that she was involved in a highly sensitive EPD meeting. I didn’t have a clue what she mean’t but did not wish to appear ignorant, so did not ask. In educational parlance it means Early Professional Development (i.e .the second and third year of teaching) and leads on to the more familiar CPD – Continuing Professional Development.

(Is there a similar mnemonic for Continuing Personal Development I wonder?)

Aside from the more mundane coaching-linked mnemonics, including the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and the ICF (International Coaching Federation) there’s one I might think about using, because it is more interesting and upbeat.  How about:


You Always Have Other Options. 

If it encourages my clients to ‘think outside of the box’ and to visualise new directions and goals,  it may make it into  the ‘bits and bobs’ section of my coaching toolbox.

BFN Amanda