Who moved my cheese?

‘Who moved my cheese?‘ is an inspiring little book, challenging individuals who are facing changes, to embrace them and to ‘run along ‘ with them. It’s a book which uses a fairly infantile story line (two hurrying and scurrying mice and two whittling and worrying little people) to teach a strong and logical moral:- that change is an inevitable part of existence and cannot, and should not, be resisted. 

We are all creatures of habit and routine to some extent – we have to be –  much of our daily lives revolve around repetitive activities. The danger lies, not in the repetition of activities as such, but in our expectation that the status quo (of routine), will somehow keep us safe and comfortable, indefinitely.

For individuals facing a change in circumstance beyond their control, the necessity for change can be difficult to accept, let alone welcome. I’m thinking of individuals at risk of redundancy as the new year begins; those who are facing the loss of a loved one through illness; those whose lives have been rocked by the breakdown of a marriage…….

We cannot plan to deal with changes such as these, but we can be prepared to review our perspective on the changes they induce.  ‘Who moved my cheese?’ cleverly supports new and forward thinking.  I recommend it to you.

I hope the new year brings you health, happiness, and a positive attitude to life and living.


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