This blog has been inspired by a book I was recently lent to read, called ‘The Elderwoman by Marian Van Eyk McCain.


To summarise really quickly, the book is based on the idea that as ‘we women’ reach the menopause (sorry to be exclusive!) we are presented with the uplifting OPPORTUNITY to share our life experience and wisdom with others and for the benefit of others. Basically we become women of standing and importance – elderwomen – as opposed to simply – olderwomen – who gradually sink into insignificance and invisibility because we can no longer compete with the good looks and charms of younger women. 


For me the increase in lines and wrinkles, loss of energy and muddled thinking caused by a peri-menopausal diagnosis haven’t been easy to cope with. Grow old gracefully? I don’t think so!


Elderwoman status feels more positive – it feels more generative. It offers me the chance to share the benefits of my perceptions, discoveries and struggles.


Of course the famous ‘sages’ of the past have touched the lives of many thousands with their wisdom and insight and I can only reach out to a small minority in a small way. Does that matter? Not a bit.


There’s a saying by Mahatma Ghandi which I really like – somthing about being the change you wish to see in the world – sums it up nicely.









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Nice content indeed! i will visit as often as i can.


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Thanks migraine soution. Keep in touch.

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